Code of conduct for Officials & Marshals

A socially minded standard of behaviour is expected from everyone within the motorsport community. We all have a responsibility to follow the values of the Race with Respect Code of Conduct, embodying respect, integrity, fair play, self-control, and good manners.

As an Official / Marshal, I agree to demonstrate RESPECT by:

  • Treating everyone with respect regardless of their gender, ethnic or social background, language, religious or other beliefs, disability, sexual identity, or status.
  • Being polite and respectful to all staff, officials, competitors, volunteers, as well as fans and supporters.
  • Never engaging in or tolerating offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour
  • Respecting all competitors and teams. 

As an Official / Marshal, I agree to demonstrate INTEGRITY by:

  • Behaving with integrity and upholding fairness in the sport.
  • Acting with honesty and impartiality by applying the regulations fairly and consistently.
  • Behaving responsibly and reporting any concerns I have to an Event Official, Officer of the Club or Motorsport UK.

As an Official / Marshal, I agree to demonstrate FAIR PLAY by:

  • Respecting the rules and regulations and the authority of Motorsport UK.
  • Celebrating effort and good racing by all involved.
  • Not making or publishing negative comments which may bring individuals, teams and/or Motorsport UK into disrepute.

As an Official / Marshal, I agree to demonstrate SELF CONTROL by:

  • Managing and/or participating in events in a positive, calm, and confident manner.
  • Not drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs during practice or competition.
  • Acting as an ambassador for Motorsport UK and always displaying the highest standards at all times.

As an Official / Marshal, I agree to demonstrate GOOD MANNERS by:

  • Being a positive role model by promoting good behaviour to all involved in motorsport.
  • Supporting my colleagues.
  • Contributing to a welcoming and friendly environment that ensures the safety and welfare of all participants.

In accordance with regulation 10.1. Motorsport UK reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action for breaches of these codes of conduct. This may include being asked to leave Motorsport UK affiliated activities and being excluded from future activities.