The Important Volunteer

Marshals and Timekeepers

As with every event, Mini CAR-nival will be reliant on an army of unsung heroes, the club marshal…

SATURDAY SPRINT TIME:  The Mini CAR-nival Sprint event is relatively simple by comparison whereby we need around 40 marshals to keep it all safe and to act as first responders to any incidents.

Everything kicks off on Saturday at 9am with the Sprint Convoy Run

Yes, sprints and well behaved driver can lack excitement but with cars hitting in excess of 120mph down the back straights marshals are one of the most important ingredients  of the Mini CAR-nival  Sprint.

At the end of the day one of the nice things about the sprint is you can ‘stand down’ almost immediately the last car finishes with no clear up to worry about.

SUNDAY RALLY TIME:  This is the big one, the largest single venue in the UK with 100 cars covering up to 60 stage miles of super smooth tarmac. There’s normally 30+ junctions to cover over the 7 stages and Abingdon always has its stories.

Radio Operators

Mini CAR-nival requires a small army of volunteers and one of the most important groups are our worthy band of MSA licenced radio operators.

Our Communications Officer (Sue Fielding) is always on the lookout for volunteers and would love to hear from anyone volunteering for Saturday (we use experienced radio operators on the sprint) and Sunday, or even both.

Helpers and Officials

Although Mini CAR-nival will run under the banner of 3 motor clubs, it is essential a group of organisers and friends all joining together to make it happen… Officials and volunteers travel from far afield from Cornwall to Carlisle and so you don’t have to be a member of any particular club.

We are always on the look out for ‘new blood’ and would love to hear from anybody who wants to join the team.

Contact Barry at to find out more.

Safety Briefing

Safety is absolutely paramount at Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival and no more so than for our officials and volunteers.

A full briefing will be given alongside written instructions but ahead of the event we ask you to watch the safety presentation on rally marshalling