What’s it all about

Probably the best Club Motor Sport event in the country!


CAR-nival weekend includes a unique 2 Course Sprint, a Championship AutoSolo and a 70+ mile stage rally, all supported by free camping and caravanning, a Hog Roast and BBQ, Beer Tent and Live Comedy in the CAR-nival Marquee.

Organised by a trio of clubs (Craven MC / Farnborough District MC / Sutton Cheam MC), CAR-nival owes its success to the efforts and support by up to 30 Southern-based clubs. Predominantly, CAR-nival is about serious motor sport but there is another very important element – Charity!

In the last 25 years we have raised in excess of £350,000 for the ‘good causes’ which are detailed in other areas of this website.

In brief however, this has meant that the daily ‘off-duty’ life of the soldiers serving at the adjacent Army Barracks are being enhanced as a direct result of the event.

Dalton Barracks is a staging post for those either going on deployment or returning from overseas postings and so their ‘downtime’ is an important element of their service life in the armed forces. Sports equipment, film shows and event the odd ‘Smoking Shelter’ have been provided to help break the monotony of life in the Barracks.

Meanwhile our other beneficiary, The Friends of Stowford, provide local adults and teenagers with learning difficulties their important independence and education.

Through Abingdon Motorsport CAR-nival and your generous donations, we have provided them with Mini Buses for day trips and outings, a specially-equipped holiday home near the sea and a superb Day Room, situated at the very heart of their local residences.

Monies are raised through donations as part of the entry fees for each element of CAR-nival although many give much more than the minimum requirement.

Additional fundraising is also done through the now-infamous Friends of Stowford BBQ on Saturday night (including the Hog Roast) as well as from the profits in the beer tent and all the other catering activities.

CAR-nival features an atmosphere that you can almost touch as over 400 competitors combine with overnight campers, officials and spectators – it’s a real family affair, inherently safe for children to watch Daddy (and sometimes Mummy) ‘play motor racing’.

After 25 years, it has grown into a great club motor sport social gathering, almost tribal with old friends and rivals all meeting up for a fun weekend  at Abingdon with some arriving on Friday with their tents and caravans and then staying all-weekend.

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